Being made substantially from aluminium, the production methods are much more environmentally friendly and recyclable than windows and doors made out of Timber.

There is not just one reason for why aluminum is the intelligent and smart choice for your construction. 100% recyclable without loss of its qualities, aluminium is heat and humidity resistant along with being elegant and beautiful which will make your dream design come to life. Below are some of the many reasons to why you should opt for aluminium.


Eco friendly aluminium saves trees and is healthy as it does not emit dust or vapour or particles and is not toxic to touch. Environmentally, aluminium is a lot friendlier compared to other materials and is 100% recyclable. The use of aluminium for doors and windows is a sensible contribution towards the conservation of the existing forests of Nepal.


Strong and versatile, aluminium is one of the easiest materials to keep in good condition. When compared with quality of material and work, it is cheaper than wood when used for doors and windows.


Unlike other metals aluminium is used for architectural purposes as it is resistant to corrosion. It is not affected by atmosphere conditions, or the onslaught of weather. This corrosion resistance property is further improved by surface treatment such as powder coating and anodizing which provides a brilliant finishing ideal for any kind of architecture


Aluminium has a low specific gravity making it a light metal. Its weight is 1/3rd that of steel or copper. The lightness, coupled with good strength, gives aluminium extrusion the added advantage of a high strength to weight ratio, even higher than steel.


The easy production of a great variety of shapes of the extrusions provides interlocking sections with all the necessary in-built characteristics like groves, screw retainers and so on, for all doors, windows, partitions etc


Thanks to the above-mentioned properties, properly fabricated, assembled and fitted aluminium frames practically don’t require any maintenance for long periods of time. The slight extra cost at the time of construction for quality product, is fast recovered in the maintenance-free period that follows the occupancy of your buildings.


Apart from all these properties, its regular lines, its smooth and varied colour finish, gives aluminium an elegant appearance, which is the reason for its popularity among builders. The quality of the powder coating guarantees an impeccable colour finish.

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