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We are an architectural aluminium fabrication company providing its services to construction businesses in Nepal for over 27 years. Sky Light Pvt. Ltd. Is a 100% foreign investment company with foreign management, backed by two decades of construction success. We are recognized as a leading supplier of aluminium windows, doors, skylights and façade solutions in Nepal.

Sky Light is the approved fabricator partner of Schueco India for the territory of Nepal and the exclusive distributor of Mae Num Metal Supply Co. Ltd., Thailand. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the Nepalese construction industry with the world’s finest quality aluminium products and services since 1995.

  • Site Monitor


    Running Site Reporting:
    • Ensure that teams on site are working properly and continuously.
    • Ensure that on site work is conducted carefully.
    • Ensure that installers handle materials and tools properly.
    • Ensure tidiness of site work space, orderly maintenance of tools and products, monitor storage spaces and materials to prevent damage.
    • Listen to Team Leader needs, monitor materials required to complete the site and report back to the head office.
    • Assist Site Reporting Officers to report on and document the progress of work on running sites on a daily bases.
    • On occasion when non-technical issues arise on site, liaise with Site Reporting Officer to tackle problems, accurately documenting the issue (including taking relevant photos if applicable)

    Materials and Tools:
    •  Receive all materials, accessories, tools and safety equipment on site.
    •  Dispense materials, accessories, tools and safety equipment at the beginning of the day and store them at the end of the day making sure they are in proper condition.
    •  Maintain record book of materials, accessories, tools and safety equipment,
    •  Inform Site Reporting Officers on the condition of the materials, accessories, tools and safety equipment.
    •  Fill out paper slips for outgoing materials and tools being returned to the office/factory.

    Human Resources Support:
    •  Monitor daily the check-in times of site workers, keeping a well-documented record of attendance and report back daily to Ops & HR Coordinator;
    •  Evaluate the work of team leaders and workers, and report to Production Officer and Ops & HR Coordinator to assist them in identifying good workers;
    •  Motivate Team Leaders and Workers to give best performance;

    Skills and Qualifications:
    1.  Education: Bachelor’s Completed or Diploma in Civil Engineering
    2.  Work Experience: 1-2 years in related field is preferred
    3.  Basic Computer skills (MS word/excel etc.)
    4.  Good communication skills in both Nepali & English Language
    5.  Good team working skills
    6.  Interpersonal skills
    Two wheeler driving License is mandatory.

    Please send your CV at

  • Engineer


    •  Operate CNC Orion machine thus being an active part of production.
    •  Use of CNC Orion machine on a daily basis for fabrication works.
    •  Oversee maintenance of CNC Orion machine.
    •  Make sure all the heavy equipment in the factory is well maintained, functioning properly and stored properly when not in use.
    •  Prepare technical drawings of Maenum profiles with fab details.
    •  Oversee fabrication & assembly procedure of windows and doors (all systems)
    •  Study and learn fabrication techniques necessary to the factory and in particular all Schueco systems as and when they arrive.
    •  Co-ordinate and communicate with office Engineers for the Fabrication works as per the requirement.
    •  Analyze and evaluate from the factory standpoint information and instructions received from the office to improve, develop, and implement a streamlined and efficient communication system.
    •  Analyze and evaluate the system of ‘paper slips’ records of materials (tools, finished goods, accessories etc) either leaving from or returning to the factory, and work to improve and implement an efficient system.
    •  Analyze and evaluate the current system of information flow within the factory, and work to improve and implement the efficient system.
    •  Analyze and evaluate the current system of quality control and work to improve, develop and implement an efficient system.
    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
    • Work Experience: 2-3 years in related field is preferred
    • Basic Computer skills (MS Word/excel etc.)
    • Good communication skills in both Nepali & English Language
    • Good team working skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    This Job Description should be seen as enabling rather than restrictive and is subject to review.

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