After Sales Support

We are always working towards delivering excellent quality products with best services. Our two decades of craftsmanship and technical expertise is reflected in our work. Our windows and doors will last for many years with optimum performance for future – we back this with a 5 year warranty across all of our aluminium and its accessory products.

We have a close relationship with all our supply chain partners which enables us to maintain the quality of the material we use and is integral to the design and manufacturing of our products. We are committed to providing best customer service at every stage of each of our projects.

Our service does not end with the final handover of your project. We have a dedicated maintenance team and will continue to be available to you for any after sales support, maintenance and any additional Sky Light products you wish add to your projects.

Care and Maintenance

How to Maintain Aluminium Windows and Doors: Cleaning and Upkeep Tips

In order to maintain aluminium windows and doors so that you can be confident in them looking as new as the day they were installed for years come, we have few cleaning tips for you.

  • To ensure the longevity of the rollers, vacuum the sliding track regularly. You can also use a brush to remove the dirt.
  • To prevent excessive wear or damage, you should use a soft cloth on glass, frames and handles.
  • Avoid using non-abrasive cleaning products to avoid any damage.
  • Lubricate the friction stay with WD40 so that we can avoid corrosion.
  • It is best to use non-abrasive glass cleaners and a soft cloth to clean window glass.
  • You don’t need special cleaner to clean the frames, a mild household soap and water solution will work properly.

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