Stylish windows become a signature statement of any building. But style itself does not suffice the need.

Windows need to provide protection against different weathers, environment and provide proper lighting and security. Working alongside our partners, we provide unique designs and all the functions that an ideal window has. With proper sealant and thermal performance, our windows will meet your building expectations. We make the design meet the functionality of the windows which will enhance the beauty of your building. Windows installed by Sky Light look elegant, sturdy and of high quality. The hardware we use add to the beauty of the windows.

Window Types

Fixed Windows

These type of windows can be used to provide light in the dark areas of your building like the corners and stairways. It is ideal for places where you are not looking for ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Widely used in private residences and residential developments in Nepal, sliding windows installed by Sky Light are of best quality and durable. Sliding windows allow a clear view of the surroundings and provide easier functionality in a small space. You can use non insulated frames or thermally insulated frames as per the building’s requirement. Proper locking system and fly screen mesh can be added for security.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges at the side which opens either outward or inward. We can have one leaf window or two leaves windows, as per design requirements.

Casement Window Types

Top Hung Windows

These types of windows have hinges at the top which opens outwards. It is mostly used for ventilation and can be left open also during rain.

Tilt and Turn Windows

These open in two different ways. With the hinges at the bottom, we can tilt the windows inwards for ventilation or can use the side hinges and use the windows as casement style. This design allows window to be cleaned easily inside and out.

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