With a state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and unparalleled expertise in design, manufacture and installation, we are innovators in architectural aluminium.


Stylish windows become a signature statement of any building. But the style itself does not suffice the need. Windows need to provide protection against different weathers, environment and provide proper lighting and security.


Our doors provide security, safety, natural light when combined with glass and have complete ease of operation. We have various types of doors which will meet your design need.


We are specialists in installation of skylight and provide proper sealed and functioning skylights for buildings. Our more than 25 years of experience makes us an expert in delivering you the best skylight you can get.


Curtain walls are generally heavier sections used for front façades & skylights, which allow for only glazing and aluminum sections to be seen, without sight of masonry which provides full view and plenty of natural light.


We also provide varied range of other products and related services such as shower cabin, louvers, aluminium railings, shop fronts and more.

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